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#! /usr/bin/env python
import sys
from zipfile import ZipFile
class ApkDiff:
def compare(self, sourceApk, destinationApk):
sourceZip = ZipFile(sourceApk, 'r')
destinationZip = ZipFile(destinationApk, 'r')
if self.compareManifests(sourceZip, destinationZip) and self.compareEntries(sourceZip, destinationZip) == True:
print "APKs match!"
print "APKs don't match!"
def compareManifests(self, sourceZip, destinationZip):
sourceEntrySortedList = sorted(sourceZip.namelist())
destinationEntrySortedList = sorted(destinationZip.namelist())
for ignoreFile in self.IGNORE_FILES:
while ignoreFile in sourceEntrySortedList: sourceEntrySortedList.remove(ignoreFile)
while ignoreFile in destinationEntrySortedList: destinationEntrySortedList.remove(ignoreFile)
if len(sourceEntrySortedList) != len(destinationEntrySortedList):
print "Manifest lengths differ!"
for (sourceEntryName, destinationEntryName) in zip(sourceEntrySortedList, destinationEntrySortedList):
if sourceEntryName != destinationEntryName:
print "Sorted manifests don't match, %s vs %s" % (sourceEntryName, destinationEntryName)
return False
return True
def compareEntries(self, sourceZip, destinationZip):
sourceInfoList = filter(lambda sourceInfo: sourceInfo.filename not in self.IGNORE_FILES, sourceZip.infolist())
destinationInfoList = filter(lambda destinationInfo: destinationInfo.filename not in self.IGNORE_FILES, destinationZip.infolist())
if len(sourceInfoList) != len(destinationInfoList):
print "APK info lists of different length!"
return False
for sourceEntryInfo in sourceInfoList:
for destinationEntryInfo in list(destinationInfoList):
if sourceEntryInfo.filename == destinationEntryInfo.filename:
sourceEntry =, 'r')
destinationEntry =, 'r')
if self.compareFiles(sourceEntry, destinationEntry) != True:
print "APK entry %s does not match %s!" % (sourceEntryInfo.filename, destinationEntryInfo.filename)
return False
return True
def compareFiles(self, sourceFile, destinationFile):
sourceChunk =
destinationChunk =
while sourceChunk != "" or destinationChunk != "":
if sourceChunk != destinationChunk:
return False
sourceChunk =
destinationChunk =
return True
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print "Usage: apkdiff <pathToFirstApk> <pathToSecondApk>"
ApkDiff().compare(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])