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Sending a message during synchronization makes it appear out of order #1113

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greenjoe opened this issue Mar 29, 2017 · 8 comments
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Sending a message during synchronization makes it appear out of order #1113

greenjoe opened this issue Mar 29, 2017 · 8 comments


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@greenjoe greenjoe commented Mar 29, 2017

  • I have searched open and closed issues for duplicates

Bug description

I can send a message to my contact using Signal-Desktop while message history is still being downloaded. If I do that, the message I send is immediately displayed in the conversation just below messages that were downloaded (synchronized) before I sent it. Messages that are downloaded later appear below the message I send and therefore my message is lost between them and is displayed out of order.

Steps to reproduce

  • have a long conversation with a contact using Android without syncing Desktop in the meantime
  • send some photos for best results as they make sync time significantly longer
  • start Signal Desktop and display conversation with that contact
  • messages are being synced and start appearing one by one but it takes quite a long time (and there are long pauses when a photo is being downloaded)
  • before sync finishes, send any message to the contact

Actual result:

  • the message is immediately displayed below already synced messages
  • messages synced after sending the message are displayed below it

Expected result:

  • sorting messages by time should be always preserved
  • messages synced after my message is sent should appear above it



Platform info

Operating System: Windows 7
Browser: Chrome 56.0.2924.87

Signal version: 0.33.0

Link to debug log

I didn't get that one, but can reproduce and get if needed.

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@heatherbooker heatherbooker commented Aug 12, 2017

I have experienced this also on a diff OS, Linux Mint Sarah.

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@scottnonnenberg scottnonnenberg commented Aug 12, 2017

@heatherbooker what version of Signal Desktop did you experience this with. We attempt to avoid this entirely with the new loading screen, first released in 0.42.x

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@heatherbooker heatherbooker commented Aug 13, 2017

@scottnonnenberg From the debug log it looks like I'm using Signal-Desktop/0.42.1

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@6lancmange 6lancmange commented Aug 15, 2017

I had the same problem, I thought I may have sent a debug log, but I guess I didn't, or it was a different thread. Anyway, the loading screen doesn't work very well? I opened Signal because I thought with Chrome updating, the app would update as well, but there was no loading screen (meanwhile toasts kept popping up - even though I've already had the conversation on the phone a few days ago, so it's all read). I went to extensions and clicked to update them all, and Signal updated itself to 0.42.4.

I had disabled the toasts 'cause they were annoying so I don't know if the update fixed it. I bet not, but this is not the thread about that. So anyway, the loading screen appeared for maybe two seconds, and then it went back to the regular - list of contacts and empty field on the right. I can see though that the sync was definitely far from successful. It showed 43 (or so) new messages from one contact, the latest being from Friday. I have had more conversations, including other contacts, using the Android app since the last one I see downloaded (and ofc the "new" ones were already read).

I'm turning toasts back on to see if at least that started working better now, but obviously won't see the result until I turn it off completely.

And just in case you wanna see: - debug log from Desktop - debug log from Android

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@scottnonnenberg scottnonnenberg commented Aug 15, 2017

Hey there, @6lancmange. I took a look at your log, and it appears that nothing much has happened since you upgraded to 0.42.x - certainly that large download you describe happened before this point:

2017-08-14T22:37:58.506Z pre-main prep time: 15 ms
2017-08-14T22:38:01.031Z background page reloaded
2017-08-14T22:38:03.395Z migration 13.0
2017-08-14T22:38:03.395Z Adding fields to identity keys
2017-08-14T22:38:03.918Z migration 14.0
2017-08-14T22:38:03.920Z Adding unprocessed message store
2017-08-14T22:38:03.925Z migration 15.0
2017-08-14T22:38:03.928Z Adding messages index for de-duplication
2017-08-14T22:38:05.785Z new update. previous version: 0.41.3

Welcome to the new version! Sadly, when the previous version pulled all those messages from its queue, it ran into a lot of errors, mostly "Too many message keys for chain" which shouldn't happen any more in 0.42.x.

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@unode unode commented Apr 26, 2018

Just experienced this but on the android app.

Had sent a few messages with signal-desktop before.
Phone was in flight-mode so it didn't sync right away.
Started writing a message on the phone.
Noticed flight-mode was on while writing. Toggled it.
Sent message I had been writing (on android) before sync finished.
Synced messages now appear after the sent message despite having older timestamps/age.

Signal Android: 4.18.3
Signal Desktop: 1.3.0

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@MartinX3 MartinX3 commented Apr 26, 2018

Update to 1.8.0
Bug still appears but you should update.

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@jrial jrial commented Jan 14, 2021

Also happens on the Android client. Related to #506, which explains why: messages are ordered based on when they're processed, not on their timestamp, as you can't trust the other party's clock to be correct. Potential fix proposed, but not yet implemented.

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