Metadata associated with the Apache collectd plugin can be found here. The relevant code for the plugin can be found here.


The Apache plugin for collectd monitors Apache Webserver using the information provided in the module mod_status.


Built-in dashboards
  • Apache Web Servers: Overview of data from all Apache webserver instances.

  • Apache Web Server: Focus on a single Apache webserver instance.


This plugin collects metrics from the module mod_status.

Version information

Software Version
collectd 3.9 or later


If you are using the new Smart Agent, see the docs for the collectd/apache monitor for more information. The configuration documentation below may be helpful as well, but consult the Smart Agent repo's docs for the exact schema.

  1. Enable the mod_status module in your Apache server.

  2. Add the following configuration to your Apache server:

     ExtendedStatus on
     <Location /mod_status>
     SetHandler server-status
  3. Restart Apache.

  4. Install the plugin:

    • On RHEL/CentOS and Amazon Linux systems, run the following command to install this plugin:

        yum install collectd-apache
    • On Ubuntu and Debian systems, this plugin is included by default with the SignalFx collectd agent.

  5. Download SignalFx's sample configuration file for this plugin to /etc/collectd/managed_config.

  6. Modify the sample configuration file to provide values that make sense for your environment, as described in Configuration below.

  7. Restart collectd.


Using the example configuration file 10-apache.conf as a guide, provide values for the configuration options listed below that make sense for your environment.

configuration option definition example value
Instance The name of the server to be monitored. This value appears in the dimension plugin_instance. myapacheinstance
URL The location at which collectd can retrieve output of mod_status. http://localhost/mod_status?auto

Note: Make sure that the URL you provide for your mod_status module ends in ?auto. This returns the status page as text/plain, which this plugin requires.


Apache worker threads can be in one of the following states:

State Remark
Open Open (unused) slot - no process
Waiting Idle and waiting for request
Sending Serving response
KeepAlive Kept alive for possible next request
Idle_cleanup Idle and marked for cleanup
Closing Closing connection
Logging Writing to log file
Reading Reading request
Finishing Finishing as part of graceful shutdown
Starting Starting up to serve

Sample of built-in dashboard in SignalFx:


For documentation of the metrics and dimensions emitted by this plugin, click here.


This integration is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE for more details.