Metadata associated with SignalFx's Cassandra integration with collectd can be found here. The relevant code for the plugin can be found here.


Monitor Cassandra using SignalFx's configuration of the Java plugin for collectd.

Use this integration to monitor the following types of information from Cassandra nodes:

  • read/write/range-slice requests
  • read/write/range-slice errors (timeouts and unavailable)
  • read/write/range-slice latency (median, 99th percentile, maximum)
  • compaction activity
  • hint activity


Built-in dashboards
  • Cassandra Nodes: Overview of data from all Cassandra nodes.

  • Cassandra Node: Focus on a single Cassandra node.


Version information

Software Version
collectd 4.9+
Java plugin for collectd (match with collectd version)
Cassandra 2.0.10+


If you are using the new Smart Agent, see the docs for the collectd/cassandra monitor for more information. The configuration documentation below may be helpful as well, but consult the Smart Agent repo's docs for the exact schema.

System modifications

Open the JMX port on your Cassandra app. Cassandra will listen for connections on port 8080 (port 7199 starting in 0.8.0-beta1). More information can be found at the Cassandra Project site. There is also a page covering a few common issues.

Install Cassandra integration

  1. RHEL/CentOS and Amazon Linux users: Install the Java plugin for collectd]([](sfx_link:collectd-java) if it is not already installed.

  2. Download SignalFx's example Cassandra configuration file to /etc/collectd/managed_config: 20-cassandra.conf

  3. Modify 20-cassandra.conf to provide values that make sense for your environment, as described in Configuration, below.

  4. Restart collectd.


Using the example configuration file 20-cassandra.conf as a guide, provide values for the configuration options listed below that make sense for your environment and allow you to connect to the Cassandra instance to be monitored.

Configuration Option Description Default
ServiceURL URL of your JMX application. service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://localhost:7199/jmxrmi
Host The name of your host. Appears as dimension host in SignalFx.

Note: (Please leave the identifier [hostHasService=cassandra]) in the host name.


Sample of built-in dashboard in SignalFx:


For documentation of the metrics and dimensions emitted by this plugin, click here.


This integration is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE for more details.