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CollectD ZooKeeper plugin

CollectD plugin for getting metrics and information from ZooKeeper servers. Based off the ZooKeeper monitoring script

Requires ZooKeeper 3.4.0 or greater in order to use the mntr four letter word command.

TODO: if support for earlier versions is needed, add srvr command, available in since 3.3.0, or stat (fetches extra uneeded data but available pre-3.3).


  1. Checkout this repository somewhere on your system accessible by collectd; for example as /usr/share/collectd/collectd-zookeeper
  2. Configure the plugin (see below).
  3. Restart collectd.


Add the following to your collectd config:

<LoadPlugin "python">
  Globals true

<Plugin python>
  ModulePath "/usr/share/collectd/collectd-zookeeper"
  Import "zk-collectd"

  <Module "zk-collectd">
    Hosts "localhost"
    Port 2181

  # You may have as many Module sections as you want
  <Module "zk-collectd">
    Hosts "localhost"
    Port 2182
    Instance "dev"


All metrics are reported with the plugin:zookeeper dimension. Additionally, if you specify an Instance in your Module configuration block, its value will be reported as the plugin_instance dimension.

zk_is_leader is a synthetic metric which is 0 if the contents of zk_server_state is 'follower'. zk_service_health is a synthetic metric which tracks if service is running and servicing requests.


Available under the terms of the Apache Software License v2. See LICENSE file for details.