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Metadata associated with the Marathon plugin for collectd can be found here. The relevant code for the plugin can be found here.


The collectd-marathon plugin collects metrics about Marathon applications and tasks.


Built-in dashboards
  • Marathon: Overview of Marathon environment.

  • Marathon Application: Focus on Marathon Applications.

  • Marathon Resources: Focus on a Marathon Resource Allocation.

  • Marathon Task: Focus on a Marathon Task.


Version information

Software Version
collectd 5.0 or later
Python 2.6 or later
Marathon 1.1.1 or later
Python plugin for collectd (included with SignalFx collectd agent)


If you are using the new Smart Agent, see the docs for the collectd/marathon monitor for more information. The configuration documentation below may be helpful as well, but consult the Smart Agent repo's docs for the exact schema.

  1. Download the collectd-marathon Python module onto a host that has access to the Marathon API.

  2. Run the following command to install the module’s dependencies using pip, replacing the example path with the download location of the collectd-marathon module:

    sudo pip install -r /path/to/collectd-marathon/requirements.txt
  3. Download SignalFx’s sample configuration file for this plugin to /etc/collectd/managed_config.

  4. Modify the configuration file to provide values that make sense for your environment, as described in Configuration below.

  5. Restart collectd.


Using the sample configuration file 20-collectd-marathon.conf as a guide, provide values for the configuration options listed below that make sense for your environment.

configuration option definition default value
ModulePath Path on disk where collectd can find this module. "/usr/share/collectd/collectd-marathon"
Import Path to the name of the python module with out the .py extension marathon
LogTraces Logs traces from the plugin's execution true
verbose Turns on verbose log statements False
host A python list of ["<scheme>", "<host>", "<port>", "username", "password", "<dcos_auth_url>"]. scheme is either "http" or "https". The username and password are only required for Basic Authentication with the Marathon API. dcos_auth_url is a string that takes the dcos authentication URL which the plugin uses to get authentication tokens from. Set scheme to "https" if operating DC/OS in strict mode and dcos_auth_url to "https://leader.mesos/acs/api/v1/auth/login" (which is the default DNS entry provided by DC/OS) no default

Note: Metrics from the /metrics endpoint are not available while operating in DC/OS strict mode.

An example configuration would look like the following:

<LoadPlugin "python">
  Globals true

<Plugin "python">
  ModulePath "/usr/share/collectd/collectd-marathon"
  Import "marathon"
  LogTraces true
  <Module "marathon">
    # Note that the last config option can also be set to the base URL of the
    # DC/OS UI and /acs/api/v1/auth/login is the authentication endpoint the plugin
    # uses to obtain token for subsequent requests.
    host  ["https", "localhost", "8443", "username", "password", "https://leader.mesos/acs/api/v1/auth/login"]
    verbose False


All metrics reported by the Marathon collectd plugin will contain the following dimensions:

  • host will contain the hostname (as known by collectd) of the machine reporting the metrics.
  • plugin is always set to marathon.
  • plugin_instance will always be marathon concated with . and the Mesos agent id. Ex. marathon.<mesos agent id>.

Sample of built-in dashboard in SignalFx:


For documentation of the metrics and dimensions emitted by this plugin, click here.