An Istio Mixer adapter for sending metrics and trace spans to SignalFx
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SignalFx Istio Mixer Adapter


This repo contains the Istio mixer adapater that converts and sends metrics and trace spans to SignalFx. This was originally written for a Kubernetes Istio deployment but should theoretically work outside of K8s with some small tweaks.

Installation in Kubernetes

To deploy this adapter, simply apply the resource in the resources/ dir of this repo to your Kubernetes cluster like so:

cat resources/* | sed -e 's/{MY_ACCESS_TOKEN}/MY_ORG_ACCESS_TOKEN/' | kubectl apply -f -

Replacing MY_ORG_ACCESS_TOKEN with your organization's SignalFx access token. You can also just replace it in the ./resources/handler.yaml as well and apply that whole directory.

The config docs explain the configuration options and how to specify custom tracespan instances that will influence the tags that get put on the emitted spans to SignalFx.

Releasing a new version (until CircleCI job is added)

To release a new version:

  1. Tag a release on the Github repo of the form vX.X.X that makes sense given the prior release.
  2. Update the image field in the pod spec of resources/deployment.yaml to reflect the new version
  3. Run PUSH=yes TAG=X.X.X make image with the new tag version
  4. Commit the update to the Deployment spec to Github (this commit should be after the tag created in step 1).


  • Add CircleCI deployment job when a new tag it made against master
  • Enable session support when implemented in Istio mixer
  • Add Helm chart to deploy this