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Generates a command-line interface for any Swagger Specification
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Swagger CLI Client

Generates a command-line interface for any Swagger Specification so you can do things like:

Example usage


This intended to be embedded within a wrapper application which can provide it the schema object (which is generated using fetch-swagger-schema). For example, here's the petstore-cli file:

#!/usr/bin/env node

var swaggerCli = require('../'),
  schema = require('./petstore-schema.json');


To create a cli app for your schema, just require your schema instead of the petstore schema.

Auth lookup strategy

By default the cli will first use the --auth param (if defined), then it'll use the <appname>_AUTH (e.g., PETSTORECLI_AUTH) env variable (if defined), and finally a yaml/json file called .<app-name> (e.g. ~/.petstore-cli which may contain "auth: MY_TOKEN").

Overriding the base path

You can override your api base path via the same lookup strategy as auth keys, this is useful for testing and development. Pass in --basePathOverride <path> or defined a <app-name>_BASE_PATH or a basePath key-value pair in the .<app-name> config file.

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