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========================================= DO NOT USE MASTER BRANCH

Signaturit JAVA SDK

This package is a JAVA wrapper around the Signaturit API. If you didn't read the documentation yet, maybe it's time to take a look here.

You'll need at least JAVA 1.7 to use this package.


The recommended way to install the SDK is through Maven.

Add the dependencies to your pom.xml :


or Gradle.

compile 'com.signaturit.api:java-sdk:1.2.1'

Then import the library and instantiate the Client class passing in your API access token.

Client client = new Client("YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN");

Please note that by default the client will use our sandbox API. When you are ready to start using the production environment just get the correct access token and pass an additional argument to the constructor:

Client client = new Client("YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN", true);

All Client's methods will return a object of Response class.

Example: Print body result as String.

Response response = client.countSignatures();


Signature request

Get all signature requests

Retrieve all data from your signature requests using different filters.

All signatures
response = client.getSignatures();
Getting the last 50 signatures
response = client.getSignatures(50);
Getting signatures with custom field "crm_id", limit = 10 and offset = 100
HashMap<String, Object> filters = new HashMap<String,Object>();
filters.put("crm_id", "customId");
response = client.getSignatures(10, 100, filters);

Count signature requests

Count your signature requests.

HashMap<String, Object> filters = new HashMap<String,Object>();
filters.put("crm_id", "customId");
response = client.countSignatures(filters);

Get signature request

Get the information regarding a single signature request passing its ID.

response = client.getSignature("signatureId");

Signature request

Create a new signature request. You can check all signature params.

ArrayList<File> files = new ArrayList<File>();
File file = new File("/documents/contracts/receipt250.pdf");

ArrayList<HashMap<String, Object>> recipients = new ArrayList<HashMap<String,Object>>();
HashMap<String, Object> recipient= new HashMap<String, Object>();

recipient.put("email", "");
recipient.put("fullname", "John Doe");

HashMap<String, Object> options= new HashMap<String, Object>();
options.put("subject", "Receipt no. 250");
options.put("body", "please sign the receipt");

response = client.createSignature(files, recipients, options);

You can send templates with the fields filled

//you can add multiple templates
ArrayList<String> templates = new ArrayList<String>();
options.put("templates", templates);

response = client.createSignature(null, recipients, options);

Cancel signature request

Cancel a signature request.

response = client.cancelSignature("signatureId");

Send reminder

Send a reminder email.

response = client.sendSignatureReminder("signatureId");

Get audit trail

Get the audit trail of a signature request document and save it locally.

response = client.downloadAuditTrail("signatureId", "documentId");

Get signed document

Get the signed document of a signature request document and save it locally.

response = client.downloadSignedDocument("signatureId", "documentId");


Get brandings

Get all account brandings.

response = client.getBrandings();

Get branding

Get a single branding.

response = client.getBranding("brandingId");

Create branding

Create a new branding. You can check all branding params.`

HashMap<String, Object> applicationText = new HashMap<String, Object>();
applicationText.put("sign_button", "test sign");
applicationText.put("send_button", "test send");

HashMap<String, Object> options = new HashMap<String, Object>();
options.put("application_texts", applicationText);
options.put("layout_color", "#FFBF00");

response = client.createBranding(options);

Update branding

Update a single branding.

response = $client.updateBranding("brandingId", options);


Get all templates

Retrieve all (delimited by limit and offset) template data from your templates.

int limit = 100;
int offset = 0;

response = client.getTemplates(limit, offset);


Get emails

####Get all certified emails

Retrieve all certified emails data.

response = client.getEmails();

####Get last 50 emails

int limit = 50;

response = client.getEmails(limit);

Count emails

Count all certified emails.

response = client.countEmails();

Get email

Get a single email

response = client.getEmail('emailId');

Create email

Create a new certified email

ArrayList<File> files = new ArrayList<File>();
File fileToEmail = new File("/path/youPdf.pdf");

client.createEmail(files, recipients, "subject", "body");

Get audit trail document

Get the audit trail document of an email request and save it in the submitted path.

response = client.downloadEmailAuditTrail("emailId","certificateId");