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======================== DO NOT USE MASTER BRANCH

Signaturit Python SDK

This package is a wrapper for Signaturit Api. If you didn't read the documentation yet, maybe it's time to take a look here.

You can install the package through pip.

sudo pip install signaturit_sdk


Just import the Signaturit Client this way

from signaturit_sdk.signaturit_client import SignaturitClient

Then you can authenticate yourself using your AuthToken

client = SignaturitClient('TOKEN')

Remember, the default calls are made to our Sandbox server. If you want to do in production, just set the flag when you do the call.

client = SignaturitClient('TOKEN', SignaturitClient.PRODUCTION)


Signature request

Get all signature requests

Retrieve all data from your signature requests using different filters.

All signatures
response = client.get_signatures()
Getting the last 50 signatures
response = client.get_signatures(limit=50)
Getting the following last 50 signatures
response = client.get_signatures(limit=50, offset=50)
Getting only the finished signatures
response = client.get_signatures(conditions={'status': 3})
Getting the finished signatures created since July 20th of 2014
response = client.get_signatures(conditions={'since': '2014-7-20', 'status': 3})
Getting signatures with custom field "crm_id"
response = client.get_signatures(conditions={'crm_id': 'CUSTOM_ID'})
Getting signatures inside a set of ids
response = client.get_signatures(conditions={'ids': ['ID1', 'ID2]})
Count signature requests
response = client.count_signatures()
Get a signature request
response = client.get_signature('SIGNATURE_ID')

Signature request

Create a new signature request. You can check all signature params.

recipients =  [{'name': 'Bob', 'email': ''}]
sign_params = {'subject': 'Receipt number 250', 'body': 'Please, can you sign this document?'}
file_path = '/documents/contracts/125932_important.pdf'
response = client.create_signature(file_path, recipients, sign_params)

You can enable the security mode, by setting the recipient phone.

recipients =  [{'name': 'Bob', 'email': '', 'phone': 'XXXXX}]'}]

Then, the user will receive a SMS in the phone number with a security code, needed to begin the sign process.

And if you have some templates created, you can use them too.

recipients =  [{'name': 'Bob', 'email': ''}]
sign_params = {'subject': 'Receipt number 250', 'body': 'Please, can you sign this document?', 'templates': ['id1',...]}
file_path = []
response = client.create_signature(file_path, recipients, sign_params)

You can send templates with the fields filled

recipients =  [{'name': 'Bob', 'email': ''}]
sign_params = {'subject': 'Receipt number 250', 'body': 'Please, can you sign this document?', 'templates': {'TEMPLATE_ID'}, 'data': {'WIDGET_ID': 'DEFAULT_VALUE'}}

response = client.create_signature({}, recipients, sign_params)

You can add custom info in your requests

recipients =  [{'name': 'Bob', 'email': ''}]
sign_params = {'subject': 'Receipt number 250', 'body': 'Please, can you sign this document?', 'data': {'crm_id': '45673'}}
file_path = '/documents/contracts/125932_important.pdf'
response = client.create_signature(file_path, recipients, sign_params)
Cancel signature request
response = client.cancel_signature('SIGNATURE_ID');
Send reminder email
response = client.send_signature_reminder('SIGNATURE_ID');
Get audit trail

Get the audit trail of a signature request document

response = client.download_audit_trail('SIGNATURE_ID','DOCUMENT_ID')
Get signed document

Get the signed document of a signature request document

response = client.download_signed_document('SIGNATURE_ID','DOCUMENT_ID')


Get brandings

Get all account brandings.

response = client.get_brandings()

Get a single branding

Get a single account branding.

response = client.get_branding('BRANDING_ID')

Create branding

Create a new account branding. You can check all branding params.`

branding_params = {'layout_color': '#FFBF00',
                   'text_color': '#2A1B0A',
                   'application_texts': {'sign_button': 'Sign!'}
response = client.create_branding(branding_params)

Update a single branding

Update a single account branding

branding_params = {'application_texts': {'send_button': 'Send!'}}
response = client.update_branding('BRANDING_ID', branding_params)


Get templates

Retrieve all data from an accounts templates.

response = client.get_templates()


Get emails

Get all certified emails

response = client.get_emails()

Get last 50 emails

response = client.get_emails(50)

Navigate through all emails in blocks of 50 results

response = client.get_emails(50, 50)

Count emails

Count all certified emails

response = client.count_emails()

Get email

Get a single email


Create email

Create a new certified emails.

response = client.create_email(
    [ 'demo.pdf', 'receipt.pdf' ],
    [{'email': '', 'name': 'Mr John'}],
    'Python subject',
    'Python body',

Get audit trail document

Get the audit trail document of an email request

response = client.download_email_audit_trail('EMAIL_ID','CERTIFICATE_ID')


Get sms

Get all certified sms

response = client.get_sms()

Get last 50 sms

response = client.get_sms(50)

Navigate through all sms in blocks of 50 results

response = client.get_sms(50, 50)

Count all sms

response = client.count_sms()

Get single sms


Create a new certified sms.

response = client.create_sms(
    [{'phone': '34123456', 'name': 'Mr John'}],
    'Python body',

Get audit trail document

Get the audit trail document of an sms request

response = client.download_sms_audit_trail('SMS_ID','CERTIFICATE_ID')


Get users

response = client.get_users()

Get user

response = client.get_user(USER_ID)

Invite user to your team

response = client.invite_user('', 'admin')

Change user role

response = client.change_role(USER_ID, 'member')

Delete a user from your team

response = client.remove_user(USER_ID)

Get groups

response = client.get_groups()

Get group

response = client.get_group(GROUP_ID)

Create group

response = client.crate_group('SDK group')

Update group

response = client.update_group(GROUP_ID, 'SDK updated group')

Delete a group from your team

response = client.delete_group(GROUP_ID)

Add user to a group as a manager

response = client.add_manager_to_group(GROUP_ID, USER_ID)

Add user to a group as a member

response = client.add_member_to_group(GROUP_ID, USER_ID)

Remove user from group managers

response = client.remove_manager_from_group(GROUP_ID, USER_ID)

Remove user from group members

response = client.remove_members_from_group(GROUP_ID, USER_ID)


Get subscriptions

response = client.get_subscriptions()

Get subscription

response = client.get_subscription(SUBSCRIPTION_ID)

Create subscription

response = client.create_subscription('https://example_url.json', ['email_delivered'])

Update subscription

response = client.update_subscription(subscription_id=SUBSCRIPTION_ID, url='https://new_example_url.json')

Delete subscription

response = client.delete_subscription(SUBSCRIPTION_ID)


Get contacts

response = client.get_contacts()

Get contact

response = client.get_contact(CONTACT_ID)

Create contact

response = client.create_contact('', 'bob')

Update contact

response = client.update_contact(contact_id=CONTACT_ID, name='Bob')

Delete contact

response = client.delete_contact(CONTACT_ID)


Signaturit Python SDK





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