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We offer a GraphQL based API for SignDict. You can explore the API here and play around with it.

An example query to search for all words containing "Zug":

  search(word: "Zug") {
    currentVideo {
      user {

If you use the API please make sure to respect the license of the videos and display it next to the video. For example with a link like this:

<a href='#{video.originalHref}'>#{video.copyright}</a> under 
<a href='{video.license}'>#{video.license}</a>

Pease do not hotlink the content on the CDN, copy it and serve it with your own CDN. A link back to the page on SignDict would be great, too.


An entry contains of some metadata like text and type and the videos attached to it. You will find the currently highest voted video in currentVideo and all other videos in the videos attribute.

Questions? Ask them in our Gitter chat.

Thanks for reading the wiki. We always look for help. Details can be found here.

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