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Significa is a digital design-led agency mainly focused on Product Development.


  1. Public

    This is the repo with the source code for Significa's website, our very own nest on the web. Launching a new website has been something we have been wanting to do for years, but we never found the …

    Svelte 146 33

  2. significa-svelte-ui significa-svelte-ui Public

    Our internal Svelte UI library.

    Svelte 7 1

  3. 1password-secrets 1password-secrets Public

    1password-secrets is a CLI utility to sync 1Password secrets to local env files and Fly apps.

    Python 10 1

  4. fly-pg-dump-to-s3 fly-pg-dump-to-s3 Public

    Fly pg_dump to AWS S3

    Shell 5 2


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