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Brigge for Blender and Unreal Engine
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Brigge for Blender and Unreal Engine

This is the public page for the Brigge products from Gawain Inustries. Here you can view our product roadmap and let us know about any issues you find.

What is Brigge?

Game development tools with Blender at the ❤️

Brigge for Meshes

Replaces complicated and error-prone FBX workflows. Scale, orientation, UV maps, vertex colors and normals work perfectly the first time. Say goodbye to wasting time tweaking models after importing.

Now available in Early Access!

Read how to install and how to use our mesh plugins.

Brigge for Materials

Share surface materials between Blender and UE4. Use your Cycles/Eevee materials directly in Unreal, with a fully editable procedural node network on both ends.

/* in development */

Brigge for ...

We are building a comprehensive tool set for game developers using Blender and Unreal Engine. Animation is the next obvious step, and we don't plan on stopping after that!

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