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A simple Skyscanner clone built with React and Next.js

Live demo

What is this and who is it for ⁉️

We build websites using web technologies, this is a showcase product we've built in our spare time. The goal is to improve by getting feedback from the community, while providing an example of modern, realistic (albeit simplified) React codebase.

This codebase offers valuable insights to React developers of all skill levels while (we hope!) still being relatively easy to understand.

Features 🌟

  • Frontend built on Next.js, bootsrtapped with create-next-app

  • Backend build using Express.js and Mongoose

  • Authentication provided by Google OAuth 2.0, implemented through the handy-dandy Passport.js. Everything is cookie-based so that no token needs to be handled explicitly by the frontend

  • UI based on ant-design

  • Styling of components done through styled-components

  • API calls to through Skyscanner's RapidAPI endpoint through axios

  • Simple local state management through Recoil, without redux, mobx or similar

  • Some images are form the amazing and trustworthy Unsplash

  • Written entirely in JavaScript (no TypeScript)

Setting up the development environment ⚙️

  • Install MongoDB on your local machine. We suggest using Brew to do so, if you are on MacOS
  • Rename the .env.sample files in the /frontend and /backend directories in .env
  • Customize the empty variables in the environment file:

Running the server locally 🏃🏽‍♀️

You can run both the frontend and the backend server from the root directory. First, install the dependencies:

npm install

# or

yarn install

Then, run both servers using:

npm run dev

# or

yarn dev

Open http://localhost:3000 with your browser to see the result. Backend server will be running on http://localhost:5000/api

What we should probably do 📝

This is a simple backlog of nice-to-haves that we might or might not implement in the future:

  • Move skyscanner APIs call from frontend to backend, to make sure public key cannot be hijacked in any way

Author: Signofactory ✍️

  • Website

  • Feel free to shoot us an email at [authorname][at]gmail[dot]com




A simple Skyscanner clone built with React and Next.js



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