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// Code by JeeLabs
// Released to the public domain! Enjoy!
// Simple general-purpose date/time class (no TZ / DST / leap second handling!)
class DateTime {
DateTime (uint32_t t =0);
DateTime (uint16_t year, uint8_t month, uint8_t day,
uint8_t hour =0, uint8_t min =0, uint8_t sec =0);
DateTime (const char* date, const char* time);
uint16_t year() const { return 2000 + yOff; }
uint8_t month() const { return m; }
uint8_t day() const { return d; }
uint8_t hour() const { return hh; }
uint8_t minute() const { return mm; }
uint8_t second() const { return ss; }
uint8_t dayOfWeek() const;
// 32-bit times as seconds since 1/1/2000
long secondstime() const;
// 32-bit times as seconds since 1/1/1970
uint32_t unixtime(void) const;
uint8_t yOff, m, d, hh, mm, ss;
// RTC based on the DS1340 chip connected via I2C and the Wire library
class RTC_DS1340 {
static uint8_t begin(void);
static void adjust(const DateTime& dt);
uint8_t isrunning(void);
static DateTime now();
static DateTime enabletricklecharger(void);
static DateTime disabletricklecharger(void);
static DateTime enableFTout(void);
static DateTime disableFTout(void);
// RTC using the internal millis() clock, has to be initialized before use
// NOTE: this clock won't be correct once the millis() timer rolls over (>49d?)
class RTC_Millis {
static void begin(const DateTime& dt) { adjust(dt); }
static void adjust(const DateTime& dt);
static DateTime now();
static long offset;