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A bash wrapper for youtube-dl to easily download songs from youtube.
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An interactve wrapper for youtube-dl to find music on 
youtube. You can input a search string, or input a txt file
with one song per line which it will iterate through. Once 
all songs are chosen, it will then begin to download and encode
each song. You may also automate it to auto-confirm the results.

RIPYT(1) (written by Jason Meredith)

 This program is a wrapper for youtube-dl
 		 Interactively check which search result
 		 to use. if not envoked it will default to
 		 the first result.
 	-s,--search "some string"
 		 will search for the string you enter.
 	-f,--file "path/to/file"
 		 this enabled a batch mode. it will search
 		 for each line in the file.
 		 will automatically assume yes for any
 		 view this help page.
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