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Signup Core

This repository contains the official libraries for the core functionality of, mostly the client side library and provider.

What is Signup?

Signup is a non-custodial wallet to build blockchain dApps exclusively for Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. In simple terms Signup is a BCH wallet with a developer API and the capability to process different types of transactions.

You can read this blog post in order to understand how it works better.


Please visit packages/provider/examples to visit all the examples in vanilla js. All these functionalities are usable in a modern JS development environment like React as well.

Do I need a specific framework to use it?

Signup is framework agnostic, you can import it in modern environments like React, Vue, ... apps or just drop a script tag and use it with plain JavaScript.

API Docs

Please visit the official docs in order to get started with Signup.


Signup is a fully open source project and community involvement is highly encouraged. Feel free to open an issue, submit a Pull Request or join our Telegram group for more discussions!

If you're doing a PR with many changes, please first get a confirmation through an issue or a message in Telegram!


Want to support Signup wallet? Send us a tip in Bitcoin Cash to this address. We spend all the funds for coffee and code! => bitcoincash:qqqes3ygxpx589wfn44kqlhqzda8zscf952xxxa2au