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Corpora for the beacon-fuzz repository (Differential fuzzer for Ethereum 2.0)
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These are SSZ fuzzing corpora designed for use with Sigma Prime's Beacon fuzz, an Eth2 differential fuzzer.

Folder structure

Based on Eth2 specification test formats:



E.g. v0.8.3 == 0-8-3

Corpora may be compatible with other versions, but should be merged into that versions directory.

Each spec version may only be supported by a specific version of the beacon-fuzz differential fuzzer.

See the contained in each folder for more information, and details about the corpora formats.


As in

E.g. mainnet


The fuzzing target that this is intended for.

NOTE: some corpora may be compatible with different targets (e.g. block and block_header both take a BeaconBlock as input), but we keep the corpora separate as the desired coverage is different.


In addition to the listed targets, beaconstate/ currently stores a list of usable BeaconStates that that can be leveraged for additional input by libFuzzer.

The BeaconState is not currently fuzzed, but passed verbatim as a series of known good states. This will be changed as we target epoch state transition functions, for which libFuzzer will be fuzzing/mutating BeaconStates.

Files in here should be a SSZ representation of a BeaconState, with integer filenames. Only add additional files to the beaconstate/ directory and don't modify or rename existing files, as other corpora refer to them.

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