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Compatible fuzzer

Compatible with current head of master branch for (commit 32b6db2)

Corpora Structure

NOTE: uint16 is used to allow for a reasonable number of test states, while keeping a small size. Minimizing the size reduces the fuzzer's search space.

For the following, state_id is the filename of a relevant BeaconState in ./<preset>/beaconstate/.


Attestation SSZ input in the following format:

class AttestationTestCase(Container):
    state_id: uint16
    attestation: Attestation


Attestation SSZ input in the following format:

class AttesterSlashingTestCase(Container):
    state_id: uint16
    attester_slashing: AttesterSlashing


Block headers ssz input in the following format:

class BlockHeaderTestCase(Container):
    state_id: uint16
    block: BeaconBlock


Block ssz input in the following format:

class BlockTestCase(Container):
    state_id: uint16
    block: BeaconBlock


Binary byte string to be shuffled

Interpreted as follows:

# some binary blob, should at least 34 bytes long
raw_input = bytes.fromhex('deadbeef' * 12)

# the length of the list to be shuffled
shuffle_rounds = raw_input[0:2] % 100

# shuffle seed
seed = raw_input[2:34]

# rest of the data is ignored
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