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A docker-compose with Grafana + Prometheus for monitoring Lighthouse
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Lighthouse Metrics


Provides a docker-compose environment which scrapes metrics from Lighthouse nodes using Prometheus and presents them in a browser-based Grafana GUI.


  1. Start a lighthouse node with $ lighthouse beacon --http
    • The --http flag is required for metrics.
  2. Bring the environment up with $ docker-compose up.
  3. Ensure that Prometheus can access your Lighthouse node by ensuring it is in the UP state at http://localhost:9090/targets.
  4. Browse to http://localhost:3000
    • Username: admin
    • Password: changeme
  5. Import some dashboards from the dashboards directory in this repo:
    • In the Grafana UI, go to Dashboards -> Manage -> Import -> Upload .json file.
    • The Summary.json dashboard is a good place to start.

Maintenance and Contributing

The Lighthouse team has a hosted version of this stack where we do the majority of the monitoring. The dashboards in this repo are not guaranteed to be kept updated as we add/modify metrics to Lighthouse. If you're having problems, please reach out and we can update the dashboards here.

Feel free to create your own dashboards, export them and submit them here as PRs.

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