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Bump versions from v4.4.1 to v4.5.0.

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Lighthouse: Ethereum consensus client

An open-source Ethereum consensus client, written in Rust and maintained by Sigma Prime.

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Lighthouse is:

  • Ready for use on Ethereum consensus mainnet.
  • Fully open-source, licensed under Apache 2.0.
  • Security-focused. Fuzzing techniques have been continuously applied and several external security reviews have been performed.
  • Built in Rust, a modern language providing unique safety guarantees and excellent performance (comparable to C++).
  • Funded by various organisations, including Sigma Prime, the Ethereum Foundation, ConsenSys, the Decentralization Foundation and private individuals.
  • Actively involved in the specification and security analysis of the Ethereum proof-of-stake consensus specification.

Staking Deposit Contract

The Lighthouse team acknowledges 0x00000000219ab540356cBB839Cbe05303d7705Fa as the canonical staking deposit contract address.


The Lighthouse Book contains information for users and developers.

The Lighthouse team maintains a blog at which contains periodical progress updates, roadmap insights and interesting findings.


Lighthouse maintains two permanent branches:

  • stable: Always points to the latest stable release.
    • This is ideal for most users.
  • unstable: Used for development, contains the latest PRs.
    • Developers should base their PRs on this branch.


Lighthouse welcomes contributors.

If you are looking to contribute, please head to the Contributing section of the Lighthouse book.


The best place for discussion is the Lighthouse Discord server.

Sign up to the Lighthouse Development Updates mailing list for email notifications about releases, network status and other important information.

Encrypt sensitive messages using our PGP key.


Lighthouse is an open-source project and a public good. Funding public goods is hard and we're grateful for the donations we receive from the community via:

  • Gitcoin Grants.
  • Ethereum address: 0x25c4a76E7d118705e7Ea2e9b7d8C59930d8aCD3b (donation.sigmaprime.eth).