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Docker-compose for easy auth with UIUC shibboleth idp
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Dockerized shibboleth service provider for SIGPwny authorization

How it works TL;DR:

  • App is proxy-protected by shibboleth.
  • When they sign in, we store their uid and affiliation (student, alum, etc) in their session.
  • We then redirect them to discord OAuth to get their discord account
  • Discord bot changes their role based on their affiliation

Changes to make for your own app (run your own service provider)


  • In the line <ApplicationDefaults entityID=>: Replace with your entity ID.
  • In the line <Errors>: Replace with the appropriate support email address for services on this server.


  • Uncomment your required attributes


  • Change shib-keygen cmd to use your entityID instead
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