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Releases: sigsep/open-unmix-pytorch

Open-Unmix 1.3.0

16 Apr 11:16
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  • fixes broken zenodo urls
  • supports wiener_win_len in hubmodels (see #106)
  • update to python 3.9 and test most recent torch version
  • speed up unit tests

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v1.2.1...v1.3.0

Open-Unmix 1.2.1

23 Jul 08:48
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New features

  • training script also allows to select a pre-trained model to be fine-tuned using the --model parameter #103
  • a commandline progress bar has been added to see the progress for multiple tracks being separated #102

Breaking changes

  • umxl is now selected as the new default model for inference using the commandline and the python API #97
  • training argument --model has been renamed to --checkpoint.

Bug fixes

  • addresses backend compatibility issues with sox_io on windows #93

Open-Unmix 1.2.0: Release of UMX-L

05 Jul 12:13
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We are excited to announce a new pre-trained open-unmix model trained on hundreds of hours of extra training data which significantly boosts performance and generalization. Note that this model can only be used for non-commercial applications.

Open-Unmix 1.1.2

19 Apr 11:33
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Bugfix release

  • fixed missing dependency (tqdm) for cli-only package #81

Open-Unmix 1.1.1

11 Mar 14:24
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New Features

  • added support for pytorch 1.8.0 and torchaudio 0.8.0, unfortunately this means that support for torchaudio <0.7.0 has been dropped. #79

Open-Unmix 1.1

14 Feb 21:46
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New Features

  • added implementation of differentiable wiener filters, removing norbert redundancy
  • added more flexible encoder/decoder transform architecture
  • updated to codebase to pytorch 1.4.0, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.6.0, 1.7.0
  • added a force_stereo augmentation to address heterogeneous datasets of mixed channels #41
  • added type hint annotations
  • restructured code as a python package #46 via #60
  • update to musdb 0.4.0 and museval 0.4.0
  • added test for onnx export
  • added stempeg based audio inference backend to improve reading and writing of compressed audio
  • switch from travis to github actions (thanks to @mpariente)
  • update docs

Bug Fixes

  • address issue with dataset statistic calculation #33
  • fixes glob(*) behaviour which is known to not be deterministic and can cause non-reproducible behavior
  • uses centered audio segments for sourcefolder dataset


Thanks to @aliutkus, @Baldwin-disso, @keunwoochoi for the contributions.
Special thanks to @mpariente for the awesome asteroid code base.

Initial release of Open-Unmix

30 Aug 14:03
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This release is matching to the pre-trained model hosted on zenodo:

  • umxhq (default) trained on MUSDB18-HQ which comprises the same tracks as in MUSDB18 but un-compressed which yield in a full bandwidth of 22050 Hz.


  • umx is trained on the regular MUSDB18 which is bandwidth limited to 16 kHz do to AAC compression. This model should be used for comparison with other (older) methods for evaluation in SiSEC18.