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LVC Compiler Project

LVC stands for Linear Verified Compiler. The compiler is based on the linear first-order language IL [1,2]. The goal of the project is to show that functional SSA, i.e. using a functional style lexical variable binding provides for a viable semantic foundation for static single assignment (SSA).

  • CoqDoc documentation is available here.


  • Coq

    Sources compile with Coq version 8.7.2 (March 2018). Other versions might work.

  • OCaml (including ocamlbuild)

    Sources compile with ocaml version 4.04.2, other versions might work. OCaml should include ocamlbuild.

  • menhir

    A parser generator mostly compatible with ocamlyacc (but better at explaining conflicts): Sources compile with version 20171013. Other versions might work.

  • ruby [optional]

    If you want build times to be output, you need ruby.

Building LVC

Get the source code via

git clone
git submodule update --init --recursive

After installing the dependencies, you can (but if you did not change anthring, you do not have to) use


to generate _CoqProject from the sources. This step is strictly optional, as we also provide a _CoqProject in this distribution. Then build LVC using

make extraction

This will generate a OCaml bytecode, and the following symbolic link will point to it


There are some example files in extraction/examples. Run one by issuing the following command:

cd extraction
./lvcc.byte examples/
./lvcc.byte examples/

The output after different compilation phases will be in files example/$PHASE where $PHASE is the compilation phase.


The sources incorporate ideas and code from various sources.


[1] Sigurd Schneider: Semantics of an Intermediate Language for Program Transformation. Master's Thesis. Saarland University, 2013. [2] Sigurd Schneider, Gert Smolka, Sebastian Hack: A Linear First-Order Functional Intermediate Language for Verified Compilers. ITP 2015 [3] Julian Rosemann, Sigurd Schneider, Sebastian Hack: Verified Spilling and Translation Validation with Repair. ITP 2017