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Open-source B-spline based implementation of the COLE ultrasound simulation algorithm.
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This project is a fast C++/CUDA open-source implementation of an ultrasound simulator based on the COLE algorithm as published by Gao et al. in "A fast convolution-based methodology to simulate 2-D/3-D cardiac ultrasound images.", IEEE TUFFC 2009.

The algorithm has been extended to optionally use B-splines for representing dynamic point scatterers. #Features:

  • Python scripts for generating point-scatterer phantoms
  • Supports both fixed and dynamic (B-spline based) point scatterers
  • Multicore CPU implementation (OpenMP based)
  • GPU implementation (using NVIDIA CUDA)
  • Python interface using Boost.Python and numpy-boost
  • Qt5-based interactive GUI front-end
  • The output data type is complex demodulated IQ data (w/optional radial decimation)
  • Cross-platform code. Successfully built on Linux (Ubuntu 15.04) and Windows 7

This code is still experimental. More documentation, examples, and instructions on how to compile the code will be added soon.

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