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Some examples of Siptrackweb actions

Sample device view, shows it being linked to a unit in a rack and having two usernames and passwords tied to it.

Device view

Most objects in siptrack have an unlimited number of attributes, important ones are shown in the summary but others can still be used by the API.

Device attributes

Racks are just another device but are visually represented as HTML tables. Rack units are subdevices to a rack and devices like servers, switches are connected to the rack units to take up more than one unit of space.

Blade units part of a chassis are not shown in the table as of writing, they are only seen as device links, or subdevices, in the device view.

Rack view

Passwords are tied to keys, a user must connect a password key to see passwords created with that key.

Passwords view

Network trees are created automatically when adding IP-addresses to devices. They can also be grouped by subnet using CIDR suffixes. As an aside; siptrack was created by the same author as sipcalc.