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siimple colors is an elegant and minimalistic color palette for UI design.

Getting started

siimple colors can be installed using npm:

$ npm install --save @siimple/colors

Or imported in your HTML files using a CDN.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">


We are working on a new documentation for v1.0.0.


Using CSS variables:

You can apply the color in your CSS styles simply by using our CSS variables:

.red-text {
    color: var(--siimple-red);

.blue-text {
    color: var(--siimple-blue-light);

.green-bg {
    background-color: var(--siimple-green-dark);

Using CSS selectors

Use .siimple--color-{COLOR} class to change the text color, or .siimple--bg-{COLOR} to change the background color. Optionally, you can use a lighten or darken color using .siimple--color{COLOR}-{LIGHTNESS} class for changing the text color, and .siimple--bg-{COLOR}-{LIGHTNESS} for changing the background color.

<span class="siimple--color-red">Text with red color</span>
<span class="siimple--bg-blue-dark siimple--color-white">White text with dark blue color</span>


Using the siimple-color function defined in scss/functions.scss is the easiest way to load our colors in your SASS/SCSS files. This function will return a string with the hex value of the desired color, and gets two arguments:

  • COLOR: a string with the desired color.
  • LIGHTNESS (optionally): a string with the desired lightness variant of the color. If not provided, the function will return the base color.
@import "@siimple/colors/scss/functions.scss";

.blue-text {
    color: siimple-color("blue");
.red-text {
    color: siimple-color("red", "extra-dark");
.green-bg {
    background-color: siimple-color("green", "light");

You can also use the colors variables defined in scss/colors.scss. Each color has a variable with the following formats:

  • $siimple-{COLOR} for the base color.
  • $siimple-{COLOR}-{LIGHTNESS} for the darken and lighten variants of the color.
@import "siimple-colors/scss/colors.scss";

.blue-text {
    color: $siimple-blue;
.red-text {
    color: $siimple-red-extra-dark;
.green-bg {
    background-color: $siimple-green-light;


Code and documentation © 2018 the siimple team. The code is released under the MIT License and the documentation is released under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 License.