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Protobuf Codec

Protobuf-codec provides codec for protobuf and other data formats like xml/json. It is fast and relies on proven frameworks like jackson for json and woodstox for xml for parsing.

This library is listed under the protobuf third party addons page ( ) as "Another JSON encoder/decoder for Java"

Project Wiki


20/Aug/11 : Disted version 1.2 - Added support for text codec (courtesy aantono) - Support stripping of underscores and field name replacements for json (courtesy aantono)

03/Jan/11 : Disted version 1.1 - Base64 encode unknownfields instead of hex - Added support for byte protobuf type, ByteString is written out as a base64 encoded string.

08/Dec : Disted version 1.0 - Added support for xml - Added support for unknown fields - Split into a maven multi module project- core,xml and json - Removed from package declaration.

06/Dec : - Mavenized and disted verion 0.0.1


  • Needs Maven
  • Needs protoc to run test cases.


  • Jackson for json parsing.
  • woodstox for xml parsing
  • commons-codec for base64 encode/decode


Raise bugs/issues on [git] (