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30 lines (15 sloc) 1.14 KB is intended to serve as a convenient source for documentation on the bundler gem.

The site is a static site generated using Middleman.

Bundler's manual pages document much of its functionality and serve as an important part of the site. They are included via the Rakefile.

Basic Middleman Commands

Run a local development web server:

bundle exec middleman server

This will start a local web server running at: http://localhost:4567. It will serve the site as it exists in /source.

Note: the development server will automatically reload pages when they or there associated stylesheets are modified. This feature is enabled in config.rb.

Build the site:

bundle exec middleman build

This will use the files in /source to generate a static site in /build.

Using the --clean flag like so:

bundle exec middleman build --clean

will also build the site but will also remove from /build any files that aren't produced by the current state of /source.