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Note that ~> can also match prerelease gems

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Most of the version specifiers, like <code>>= 1.0</code>, are self-explanatory.
The specifier <code>~></code> has a special meaning, best shown by example.
<code>~> 2.0.3</code> is identical to <code>>= 2.0.3</code> and <code>< 2.1</code>.
- <code>~> 2.1</code> is identical to <code>>= 2.1</code> and <code>< 2.2</code>
+ <code>~> 2.1</code> is identical to <code>>= 2.1</code> and <code>< 2.2</code>.
+ <code>~> 2.2.beta</code> will match prerelease versions like <code>2.2.beta.12</code>.

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