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Fixing borken link. See :)

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commit f48d219365292405f2d72e32f2a8b607d24b0157 1 parent 56e9ce6
Jordi Bunster authored indirect committed

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  1. 2  ronn/gemfile.ronn
2  ronn/gemfile.ronn
@@ -97,7 +97,7 @@ are obviously not available).
97 97
 Note that on `bundle install`, bundler downloads and evaluates all gems, in order to
98 98
 create a single canonical list of all of the required gems and their dependencies.
99 99
 This means that you cannot list different versions of the same gems in different
-groups. For more details, see [Understanding Bundler](
+groups. For more details, see [Understanding Bundler](
101 101
102 102
 ### PLATFORMS (:platforms)
103 103

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