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== Version 2.1.0
- PassengerPoolIdleTime 0, thanks redmar
- C++ backtraces
- more aggressive I/O timeout enforcement
- Solaris support, thanks to Alex Osborne and Jacob Harris and alex.kiernan
- applications may now have a model named 'Passenger'
- an '--auto' option to passenger-install-apache2-module
- PassengerMaxRequests
- passenger-status now displays additional useful information, namely the
number of requests processed so far by an app instance, and its current
- improved module compatibility + high performance mode
- PassengerEnabled
- SIGQUIT will show backtrace of current thread
- Solaris support for passenger-memory-stats
- %2F (escaped forward slash) in URL is now supported. AllowEncodedSlashes
must be turned on. Thanks adam.hooper.
- Error pages now return HTTP 500 errors.
- PassengerUseGlobalQueue is now per-virtual host.