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A simple web application for our CSE370 group project.
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CSE370 Project: Cineplex


This application was built as our final group project for the course CSE370. The main purpose of this repository is to backup our work publicly so that no other student can copy our concept and also as a proof of our work.


  • Saif Mahmud
  • Tanjida Sultana
  • Talha Ahmed
  • Adbul Mueez

##License Information There is no license associated with this project/repository because you are not allowed to edit/redistribute the source code under any circumstances and/or in any form.

##Disclaimer There are parts of code in files (e.g. library/App.php) which were copied from other frameworks/applications to reduce our work and has been excluded in this repository as these pieces of code are the intellectual properties of their respective authors and may not allow their source code to be publicly available.

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