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This is the source code for Miniplanets, an unique platformer for Mega Drive where you jump'n'run on small 3D planets (the "miniplanets") in a quest to save Qisha's children and restore the Planelago System back to normal.

You can get a prebuilt ROM (and optionally pay if you wish) here:

Tools you'll need

The shell script has been written for Linux, sorry Windows users!

Though in detail in tools/README, in short you can get nearly all the tools simply by getting the so-called mdtools pack. Additionally, you're going to need asm68k.exe (for now, hopefully we can replace this with a free assembler soon). Either way, once you have everything just copy the executables into the tools directory.

Echo sound engine

This game is powered by the Echo sound engine. For the sake of convenience the prebuilt binaries have been included here, but if you want to replace it with your own copy you can get the library here:

You'll need to replace the following files:

  • data/sound/prog-z80.bin
  • src-68k/echo.68k
  • src-68k/esf.68k

And also make sure to modify the filename in echo.68k to "data/sound/prog-z80.bin".