@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Oct 15, 2017 · 211 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Savefile compatible with release 2, but watch out for skills changing.

Blunt weapons do bonus damage against armour. Armour only absorbs 3/4 of the damage the blunt weapon deals - this is better than 25% Sharpness where the amount of damage you would do is less than the armour roll. Damage dice remain low to compensate.

Whirlwind attack tweaked further; it now has a 50% chance of halting every time you deal damage.

Careful Shot is now replaced by Rout, aim with +5 to hit against fleeing enemies. This gives casual archers a good tool particularly in the early game, but is unlikely to be overpowered late on.

Merged Clarity, Mind over Body and Resist Fear into a new skill, Indomitable.

Moved Strength in Adversity to Mind over Body's slot. It now boosts Dex as well.

New skill - Defiance - saves you from a death-blow and sets your current and max HP equal to your Will.

256-colour terminal support.

mpa-sil screen centering fix merged.

Gorged status is gone. Eating more than you can stomach only spurs your digestion to new heights (you still shouldn't eat all your food at once, but you'll manage to get that herb or potion in when full).

Artifact with Throwing Mastery replaced.

Concentration prerequisite removed.

Song of Este prerequisite removed. Song of Este boosted a little. Now sustains stats as well. This is a temporary fix until the Song tree can be more properly reworked.

Deathblades gone, two new orc uniques added.