@sil-quirk sil-quirk released this Nov 27, 2017 · 151 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

This release mainly tweaks things, fixes some bugs and pulls in some mpa-sil improvements.

Subtlety now makes Crits an extra point cheaper. Rings of Archery have become Rings of Cowardice. Robes of Permanence have gone, armour of Nogrod has arrived (I renamed the great axe). Regeneration no longer costs hunger when you're not healing.

Sils are very much easier to cut. Morgoth is easier to hurt, but gets angrier and more dangerous. He also gets angrier and more dangerous the more Sils you take. The new songs have all been upgraded a little bit and Rout has been weakened some.

Bugfixes and convenience:

  • weird and random earthquakes should be gone now
  • guaranteed forges should be always guaranteed
  • mithril smelting in used forges is in
  • recognise healing potions when healthy
  • broken door glyph is changed to a grey ' as per mpa-sil
  • passive identification is much faster
  • forges are guaranteed to have 3 uses minimum
  • smithing menu fixed
  • Song of Aule mentions that it grants rFire
  • mpa-sil dump additions are in
  • using empty staves or failing to pick things up no longer wastes a turn