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This is my second Touhou project, I've chosen LibGdx as a library and took the screen system from the tyrian tutorial by Gustavo Steigert. you can find the tyrian source here: the tutorial is found here: Most of the sprites are from and will be credited in the 'credits' file.

the concept of the game-to-be is this:

in addition to the previous Touhou games you can 'buy' new characters with credits earned by killing enemies, this also enables the player to upgrade weapon types and so it will become possible to play as Reimu and equip 'Super-Shortwave' and 'Final Spark' and so on... There is several shield types available for the player to postpone death a bit aswell.

I chose the tyrian source as a base since its easy to add new objects and playermodels, weapontypes and shields when the engine is finished.

the games concept is identical with the amiga/DOS game tyrian, you'll find a link to a free version with the aforementioned svn repository.

If the game ever hits the android market it would be possible to let users buy credits, but this is still far away and will have possible copyright issues that have to get sorted.

In a perfect world I'd get some assistance of a/some Java/Libgdx whizz(es) and I'd do more graphic and game-design work since I'm not a great programmer, still I'll keep going and hope to get some feedback, tips and/or help. any contribution is more than welcome.

still to be implemented: -2d or 3d background -shot n shield feature -enemy attack/bullet patterns -particle effects -loader for new playermodels from an online database -loader for new levels from an online database -much more...

in the repo is a .mm file wich is a freeplane mindmap, wich will contain the entire game concept and will be updated as the project grows.

Freeplane is a flowchart application for Linux, Mac and Windows platform. Its a small application that If you don't use freeplane, the download link is here:

The website and complete documentation you can find here: