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@simoncozens simoncozens released this Aug 31, 2016 · 882 commits to master since this release

Nearly 600 changes, including:

  • New packages include: letter spacing, multiple line spacing methods, Japanese Ruby, font specimen generator, crop marks, font fallback, set PDF background color.
  • Fixed handling of font weight and style.
  • Hyphenation: Correct hyphenation of Indic scripts, words with non-alphabetic characters in them, and allow setting hyphen character and defining hyphenation exceptions.
  • Relative dimensions ("1.2em") are converted to absolute dimensions at point of use, not point of declaration. So you can set linespacing to 1.2em, change font size, and it'll still work.
  • Default paper size to A4.
  • Changes to semantics of percent-of-page and percent-of-frame length specifications. (width=50% etc.)
  • Much improved handling of footnotes, especially in multicolumn layouts.
  • Support for: the libthai line breaking library, color fonts, querying the system font library on OS X, multiple Amharic justification conventions.
  • Added explicit kern nodes.
  • Changed to using Harfbuzz for the text processing pipeline; much faster, and much more accurate text shaping.
  • Rewritten and more accurate bidirectional handling.
  • Removed dependency on FreeType; use Harfbuzz for font metrics.
  • Fixed the definition of an em. (It's not the width of a letter "m".)

and much more besides.

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