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@simoncozens simoncozens released this Jan 7, 2019 · 335 commits to master since this release

New in v0.9.5:

  • Experimental package manager.

  • The "smart" bare percent unit (where SILE guessed whether you meant height or width) has now moved from deprecated to error. Replace with %pw etc.

  • Language support: variable spaces in Amharic (and other languages if enabled with the shaper.variablespaces setting), improvements to Japanese Ruby processing, Uyghur hyphenation revisited and improved, Armenian hyphenation added.

  • You can now set the stretch and shrink values of a space using the shaper.spaceenlargementfactor, shaper.spaceshrinkfactor and shaper.spacestretchfactor settings.

  • You can use - as input filename to pipe in from standard input, and - as output filename to pipe generated PDF to standard output.

  • New letter class.

  • New commands: \neverindent and \cr

  • New units: ps (parskip) and bs (baselineskip)

  • Links generated via the url package are hyperlinked in the PDF.

  • You can now style folios (page numbers) by overriding the \foliostyle macro.

  • Languages may define their own counting functions by providing a counter function; you may also lean on ICU's number formatting to format numbers.

  • ICU is now required for correct Unicode processing.

  • Experimental support for SVG graphics and fonts. (see tests/simplesvg.sil)

  • Users may select the Harfbuzz subshaping system used (coretext, graphite, fallback etc.) by setting the harfbuzz.subshapers setting.

  • Fix typos in documentation (Thanks to Sean Leather, David Rowe).

Most other changes in this release are internal and non-user-visible, including:

  • Introduced vertical kern nodes.

  • Various fixes to pushback (end of page) logic, bidi implementation. ICU is now used for bidi.

  • Updated various examples to work with current internals.

  • Many and varied internal fixes and speedups, and improved coding style.

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