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(in-package :bitop)
(declaim #.*optimize*
(inline write-fixbyte buffered-write-byte))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defconstant +STREAM-BUFFER-SIZE+ 4096))
(defstruct (bit-stream (:constructor make-bit-stream (stream)))
(buf (make-array #1=#.+STREAM-BUFFER-SIZE+ :element-type 'octet) :type (simple-octets #1#))
(i 0 :type (integer 0 #1#))
(octet 0 :type octet)
(pos 0 :type (integer 0 8)))
;;;; function
(defun buffered-write-byte (byte bit-stream)
(declare (octet byte) (bit-stream bit-stream))
(with-slots (buf i stream) bit-stream
(when (= i +STREAM-BUFFER-SIZE+)
(write-sequence buf stream)
(setf i 0))
(setf (aref buf i) byte)
(incf i)))
(defmacro with-bit-stream ((stream source-binary-stream) &body body)
`(let ((,stream (make-bit-stream ,source-binary-stream)))
(progn ,@body)
(when (output-stream-p (bit-stream-stream ,stream))
(flush-bit-stream ,stream)))))
(defun write-fixbyte (fixbyte bit-stream)
(declare (bit-stream bit-stream)
(fixbyte fixbyte))
(with-slots (octet pos) bit-stream
(let ((num (fixbyte-fixnum fixbyte))
(len (fixbyte-length fixbyte))
(room (- 8 pos)))
(setf octet (ldb (byte 8 0) (+ octet (ash num pos))))
(when (< (+ pos len) 8)
(incf pos len)
(return-from write-fixbyte))
(buffered-write-byte octet bit-stream)
(do ((len (- len room) (- len 8))
(num (ash num (- room)) (ash num -8)))
((< len 8)
(setf pos len
octet (ldb (byte 8 0) num)))
(declare (fixnum num))
(buffered-write-byte (ldb (byte 8 0) num) bit-stream)))))
(defun flush-bit-stream (bit-stream)
(declare (bit-stream bit-stream))
(with-slots (stream octet pos buf i) bit-stream
(unless (zerop pos)
(buffered-write-byte octet bit-stream))
(write-sequence buf stream :end i)))
(defun read-bit (bit-stream)
(declare (bit-stream bit-stream))
(with-slots (stream octet pos) bit-stream
(when (= 0 pos)
(setf octet (read-byte stream))
(setf pos 8))
(ldb (byte 1 (- 8 pos)) octet)
(decf pos))))
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