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(defpackage game
(:use :common-lisp)
(:import-from :mine shuffle)
(:export init-game
(in-package :game)
;;; types
(deftype cell-state () '(member :mask :flag :open))
;;; structs
(defstruct game
(board #2A() :type array)
(cell-states #2A() :type (array cell-state)))
;;; internal functions
(defun surrounding-cells (game x y)
(destructuring-bind (height width)
(array-dimensions (game-board game))
(loop FOR y~ FROM (max 0 (1- y)) TO (min (1- height) (1+ y))
(loop FOR x~ FROM (max 0 (1- x)) TO (min (1- width) (1+ x))
UNLESS (and (= x~ x) (= y~ y))
COLLECT (list x~ y~)))))
(defun board-size (game)
(array-total-size (game-board game)))
(defmacro cell (board x y)
`(aref ,board ,y ,x))
(defun open-surrounding-cells (game x y)
(let ((bomb-num (cell (game-board game) x y))
(flag-num (loop FOR (x~ y~) IN (surrounding-cells game x y)
WHEN (eq (cell (game-cell-states game) x~ y~) :flag)
SUM 1)))
(when (= bomb-num flag-num)
(loop FOR (x~ y~) IN (surrounding-cells game x y)
DO (open-cell game x~ y~ nil)))))
;;; exported functions
(defun init-game (width height)
(make-game :board (make-array `(,height ,width)
:initial-element nil)
:cell-states (make-array `(,height ,width)
:element-type 'cell-state
:initial-element :mask)))
(defun board-width (game)
(second (array-dimensions (game-board game))))
(defun board-height (game)
(first (array-dimensions (game-board game))))
(defmacro each ((cell state &key (x (gensym)) (y (gensym)) result-form eol-form) game &body body)
(let ((height (gensym))
(width (gensym))
(g (gensym)))
`(let ((,g ,game))
(destructuring-bind (,height ,width) (array-dimensions (game-board ,g))
(loop FOR ,y FROM 0 BELOW ,height DO
(loop FOR ,x FROM 0 BELOW ,width DO
(symbol-macrolet ((,cell (cell (game-board ,g) ,x ,y))
(,state (cell (game-cell-states ,g) ,x ,y)))
(defun locate-bombs (game bomb-count init-x init-y)
(assert (< 0 bomb-count (- (board-size game) 9)))
(let* ((excludes `((,init-x ,init-y) . ,(surrounding-cells game init-x init-y)))
(bombs (subseq (shuffle (loop FOR x FROM 0 BELOW (board-width game)
(loop FOR y FROM 0 BELOW (board-height game)
FOR pos = `(,x ,y)
UNLESS (find pos excludes :test #'equal)
COLLECT pos)))
0 bomb-count)))
(loop FOR (x y) IN bombs DO
(setf (cell (game-board game) x y) :bomb)))
(each (cell state :x x :y y) game
(unless (eq cell :bomb)
(setf cell (count :bomb (surrounding-cells game x y)
:key (lambda (pos)
(cell (game-board game) (first pos) (second pos)))))))
(open-cell game init-x init-y))
(defun open-cell (game x y &optional (open-surrounding-cells t))
(ecase (cell (game-cell-states game) x y)
(:flag 'ignore)
(:open (when (and (not (has-bomb? game x y))
(open-surrounding-cells game x y)))
(setf (cell (game-cell-states game) x y) :open)
(when (and (not (has-bomb? game x y))
(zerop (cell (game-board game) x y)))
(loop FOR (x~ y~) IN (surrounding-cells game x y)
DO (open-cell game x~ y~ nil))))))
(defun flip-flag (game x y)
(ecase #1=(cell (game-cell-states game) x y)
(:open 'ignore)
(:flag (setf #1# :mask))
(:mask (setf #1# :flag))))
(defun has-bomb? (game x y)
(eq (cell (game-board game) x y) :bomb))
(defun bomb-count (game &aux (count 0))
(each (cell state :result-form count) game
(when (eq cell :bomb)
(incf count))))
(defun flag-count (game &aux (count 0))
(each (cell state :result-form count) game
(when (eq state :flag)
(incf count))))
(defun finish? (game)
(each (cell state) game
(when (and (eq cell :bomb)
(eq state :open))
(return-from finish? (values t nil))))
(each (cell state) game
(when (eq state :mask)
(return-from finish? (values nil nil))))
(when (/= (bomb-count game) (flag-count game))
(return-from finish? (values nil nil)))
(values t t))
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