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(defpackage extunk.word-env
(:use :common-lisp :extunk.environment)
(:import-from :common-utils a.when)
(:nicknames wenv)
(:export calc
(in-package :extunk.word-env)
(defconstant +WORD-MIN-LENGTH+ 2)
(defvar *freq-border* 10)
(defun overlap-length (string start1 start2)
(assert (/= start1 start2))
(- (mismatch string string :start1 start1 :start2 start2) start1))
(defun valid-word-char-p (ch)
(and (graphic-char-p ch)
(not (find ch "。、  "))))
(defun add-to-env (env-set text from-len to-len indices &aux (head (car indices)))
(when (< (length indices) *freq-border*)
(return-from add-to-env))
(loop FOR len FROM (max from-len +WORD-MIN-LENGTH+) TO to-len
FOR word = (subseq text head (+ head len))
WHEN (every #'valid-word-char-p word)
(let ((env (if #1=(gethash word env-set) #1# (setf #1# (make-env word)))))
(dolist (index indices)
(a.when (left-context text index)
(incf (gethash it (env-left env) 0)))
(a.when (right-context text (+ index len))
(incf (gethash it (env-right env) 0)))))))
(defun calc (text &optional (env-set (make-hash-table :test #'equal)))
(let ((indices (sort (loop FOR i FROM 0 BELOW (length text) COLLECT i)
(lambda (i j) (string> text text :start1 i :start2 j)))))
(labels ((self (head-indices indices base-len prev-len)
(if (<= prev-len base-len)
(values indices prev-len)
(destructuring-bind (1st &rest rest &aux (2nd (car rest))) indices
(let ((len (if 2nd (overlap-length text 1st 2nd) 0)))
(when (> len prev-len)
(setf (values rest len) (self indices rest prev-len len)))
(when (< len prev-len)
(add-to-env env-set text (1+ (max base-len len)) prev-len (ldiff head-indices rest)))
(self head-indices rest base-len len)))))
(toplevel (indices)
(destructuring-bind (1st &rest rest &aux (2nd (car rest))) indices
(let ((len (if 2nd (overlap-length text 1st 2nd) 0)))
(self indices rest 0 len)))))
(loop WHILE (setf indices (toplevel indices)))))