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A black-box optimization benchmarking framework
Rust Python
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kurobako Documentation Actions Status Coverage Status License: MIT

kurobako is a command-line tool to benchmark black-box optimization algorithms.


  • It has the capability to support wide range of optimization problems:
    • various search sapce:
      • Continuous numerical, discrete numerical and categorical
      • Uniform distribution and log uniform distribution
      • Conditional
    • Constrainted problems
    • Multi-objective problems
  • Generating a markdown report and PNG plots from benchmarking results
  • Easy to add user-defined optimization problems and solvers
  • Simulating a concurrent environment in which an optimization process is executed by multiple workers simultaneously
  • Reproducible


Precompiled binaries

Precompiled binaries for Linux are available in the releases page.

$ curl -L${VERSION}/kurobako-${VERSION}.linux-amd64 -o kurobako
$ chmod +x kurobako
$ ./kurobako -h

Using Cargo

If you have already installed Cargo, you can install kurobako by executing the following command:

$ cargo install kurobako

Usage Example

// Define solver.
$ kurobako solver random | tee solver.json

// Define problem.
$ curl -OL
$ tar xf fcnet_tabular_benchmarks.tar.gz && cd fcnet_tabular_benchmarks/
$ kurobako problem hpobench fcnet_protein_structure_data.hdf5 | tee problem.json

// Run benchmark.
$ kurobako studies --solvers $(cat solver.json) --problems $(cat problem.json) | kurobako run > result.json
(ALL) [00:00:01] [STUDIES     10/10 100%] [ETA  0s] done

// Report the benchmark result.
$ cat result.json | kurobako report

// Plot the benchmark result.
$ cat result.json | kurobako plot curve
(PLOT) [00:00:01] [1/1 100%] [ETA  0s] done (dir="images/curve/")

Build-in Solvers and Problems



Where does the name come from?

"kurobako" is a Japanese translation of "black box".

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