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(in-package :loop)
(defmacro make-generator (&key init next end? (key '#'identity))
(let ((cur (gensym)))
`(lambda ()
(let ((,cur (funcall ,init)))
(values (lambda () (setf ,cur (funcall ,next ,cur)))
(lambda () (funcall ,end? ,cur))
(lambda (fn) (funcall fn (funcall ,key ,cur))))))))
(defmacro def-generator (name args &key init next end? (key '#'identity))
(declaim (inline ,name))
(defun ,name ,args
(make-generator :init ,init :next ,next :end? ,end? :key ,key))))
(def-generator from (start &key to (by 1))
:init (lambda () start)
:next (lambda (cur) (+ cur by))
:end? (lambda (cur) (and to (> cur to))))
(def-generator down-from (start &key to (by 1))
:init (lambda () start)
:next (lambda (cur) (- cur by))
:end? (lambda (cur) (and to (< cur to))))
(defmacro for-list (list &key (element-type t))
(let ((start (gensym)))
`(let ((,start ,list))
(make-generator :init (lambda () ,start)
:next #'cdr
:end? #'endp
:key (lambda (x) (the ,element-type (car x)))))))
(def-generator for-string (str &key (start 0) (end (length str)))
:init (lambda () start)
:next (lambda (cur) (1+ cur))
:end? (lambda (cur) (>= cur end))
:key (lambda (cur) (char str cur)))
(def-generator for-array (ary &key (start 0) (end (length ary)))
:init (lambda () start)
:next (lambda (cur) (1+ cur))
:end? (lambda (cur) (>= cur end))
:key (lambda (cur) (aref ary cur)))
(def-generator repeat (fn)
:init (lambda () (funcall fn))
:next (lambda (cur) (declare (ignore cur)) (funcall fn))
:end? (lambda (cur) (declare (ignore cur)) nil))
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