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(in-package :louds)
(defconstant +BLOCK-SIZE+ 64)
(defconstant +WORD-SIZE+ 32)
(defconstant +SELECT-INDEX-INTERVAL+ 64)
(defparameter *sample-bits*
(coerce (loop REPEAT 1000000 COLLECT (if (zerop (random 2)) 1 0)) 'bit-vector))
(deftype block-number () '(mod #.(floor array-total-size-limit +BLOCK-SIZE+)))
(deftype array-index () '(mod #.array-total-size-limit))
(deftype positive-fixnum () '(mod #.most-positive-fixnum))
(deftype uint32 () '(unsigned-byte 32))
(defstruct (bitvector (:conc-name ""))
(blocks t :type (simple-array uint32))
(block-precede-1bit-count t :type (simple-array positive-fixnum))
(select-indices t :type (simple-array block-number)))
(defun bits-to-num (bits &optional (start 0) (end (length bits)))
(loop FOR i FROM start BELOW (min end (length bits))
FOR offset FROM 0
SUM (ash (bit bits i) offset)))
(defun divide-bit-string (bit-string block-size &aux (len (length bit-string)))
(loop FOR start FROM 0 BELOW len BY block-size
COLLECT (subseq bit-string start (min (+ start block-size) len)) INTO bits-list
FINALLY (return (coerce bits-list 'vector))))
(defun make-bit-blocks (bit-string)
(divide-bit-string bit-string +BLOCK-SIZE+))
(defun make-blocks (bit-blocks)
(loop FOR bits ACROSS bit-blocks
APPEND `(,(bits-to-num bits 0 +WORD-SIZE+)
,(bits-to-num bits +WORD-SIZE+ +BLOCK-SIZE+)) INTO block-list
FINALLY (return (coerce block-list '(vector uint32)))))
(defun make-block-precede-1bit-count (bit-blocks)
(loop FOR bits ACROSS bit-blocks
FOR count = (count 1 bits)
COLLECT total INTO 1bit-counts
SUM count INTO total
FINALLY (return (coerce `(,@1bit-counts ,total) '(vector positive-fixnum)))))
;; TODO: 最後にも番兵値を入れる
(defun make-select-indices-list (bit-blocks)
(loop WITH index = 0
WITH nth = 0
FOR bits ACROSS bit-blocks
APPEND (loop FOR b ACROSS bits
WHEN (and (incf index)
(= b 1)
(incf nth)
(zerop (mod nth +SELECT-INDEX-INTERVAL+)))
COLLECT (floor (1- index) +BLOCK-SIZE+))
INTO indices
FINALLY (return (append (cons 0 indices)
`(,(length bit-blocks))))))
(defun make-select-indices (select-indices-list)
(coerce select-indices-list '(vector block-number)))
(defun build-bitvector (bit-string)
(let* ((bit-blocks (make-bit-blocks bit-string))
(blocks (make-blocks bit-blocks))
(select-indices-list (make-select-indices-list bit-blocks)))
:select-indices (make-select-indices select-indices-list)
:blocks blocks
:block-precede-1bit-count (make-block-precede-1bit-count bit-blocks))))
(defparameter *sample-bv* (build-bitvector *sample-bits*))
(declaim (inline get-block))
(declaim (ftype (function (block-number bitvector) (values uint32 uint32)) get-block))
(defun get-block (block-num bitvector)
(with-slots (blocks) bitvector
(values (aref blocks (+ 0 (* 2 block-num)))
(aref blocks (+ 1 (* 2 block-num))))))
(declaim (inline block-select1))
(defun block-select1 (nth block-num bitvector)
(labels ((impl (nth block beg end)
(let* ((m (+ beg (floor (- end beg) 2)))
(i (logcount (ldb (byte m 0) block))))
(declare ((mod 33) m))
(cond ((= nth i) (1- (integer-length (ldb (byte m 0) block))))
((< nth i) (impl nth block beg m))
(t (impl nth block m end))))))
(declare (ftype (function ((mod 65) uint32 (mod 33) (mod 65)) (mod 33)) impl))
(multiple-value-bind (block-low block-high) (get-block block-num bitvector)
(let ((i (logcount block-low)))
(cond ((= nth i) (1- (integer-length block-low)))
((< nth i) (impl nth block-low 0 32))
(t (+ 32 (impl (- nth i) block-high 0 64))))))))
(declaim (inline target-block-bound))
(defun target-block-bound (nth bitvector)
(with-slots (select-indices) bitvector
(let ((idx (floor nth +SELECT-INDEX-INTERVAL+)))
(values (+ 0 (aref select-indices (+ 0 idx)))
(+ 1 (aref select-indices (+ 1 idx))))))) ; (values 0 (length ...))
(defun select1 (nth bitvector)
(declare #.*fastest*
(positive-fixnum nth)
(bitvector bitvector))
(with-slots (block-precede-1bit-count) bitvector
(multiple-value-bind (block-beg block-end) (target-block-bound nth bitvector)
(loop FOR block-num OF-TYPE block-number = (+ block-beg (floor (- block-end block-beg) 2))
FOR start OF-TYPE positive-fixnum = (aref block-precede-1bit-count block-num)
FOR end OF-TYPE positive-fixnum = (1+ (aref block-precede-1bit-count (1+ block-num)))
WHEN (< start nth end) DO (loop-finish)
WHEN (<= nth start) DO (setf block-end block-num)
WHEN (>= nth end) DO (setf block-beg block-num)
(return (+ (* block-num +BLOCK-SIZE+) (block-select1 (- nth start) block-num bitvector)))))))
(declaim (inline block-rank1))
(defun block-rank1 (offset block-num bitvector)
(multiple-value-bind (block-low block-high) (get-block block-num bitvector)
(if (< offset 32)
(logcount (ldb (byte (1+ offset) 0) block-low))
(+ (logcount block-low)
(logcount (ldb (byte (1+ (- offset 32)) 0) block-high))))))
(defun rank1 (index bitvector)
(declare #.*fastest*
(bitvector bitvector)
(array-index index))
(multiple-value-bind (block-num offset) (floor index +BLOCK-SIZE+)
(with-slots (block-precede-1bit-count) bitvector
(let ((pre-1bit-count (aref block-precede-1bit-count block-num)))
(declare (positive-fixnum pre-1bit-count))
(the positive-fixnum
(+ pre-1bit-count (block-rank1 offset block-num bitvector)))))))
(declaim (inline rank0))
(defun rank0 (index bitvector)
(declare #.*fastest*
(array-index index))
(- (1+ index) (rank1 index bitvector)))
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