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(in-package :sol-hash)
(declaim #.*fastest*
(inline make count clear map get (setf get) remove test-name
make-node node-next node-hash node-key node-value
make-map map-buckets map-bucket-size map-bitlen
map-count map-resize-border map-functor
make-functor functor-set functor-get functor-rem
next sentinel sentinel? ordinal?
bit-reverse lower-bits hashcode-and-bucket-id
set-pred-next find-candidate))
;;; struct
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defstruct node
(next nil :type (or null node))
(hash 0 :type hashcode)
(key t :type t)
(value t :type t)))
(defstruct functor
(name t :type symbol)
(set t :type set-fn)
(get t :type get-fn)
(rem t :type rem-fn))
(defstruct map
(buckets #() :type buckets)
(bucket-size 0 :type positive-fixnum)
(bitlen 0 :type hashcode-width)
(count 0 :type positive-fixnum)
(resize-border 0 :type positive-fixnum)
(resize-threshold 0 :type number)
(functor t :type functor))
(defmethod print-object ((o map) stream)
(declare #.*normal*)
(print-unreadable-object (o stream :type t :identity t)
(with-slots (count) (the map o)
(format stream "~s ~s" :count count))))
;;; sentinel node
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(unless (constantp '+SENTINEL+)
(defconstant +SENTINEL+ (make-node :hash +MAX_HASHCODE+))
(setf (node-next +SENTINEL+) +SENTINEL+)))
(defun sentinel () +SENTINEL+)
(defun sentinel? (node) (eq node (sentinel)))
(defun ordinal? (node) (not (sentinel? node)))
;;; utility
(defmacro make-gensyms (num)
(declare #.*normal*)
`(values ,@(loop REPEAT num COLLECT '(gensym))))
(defmacro gensym-let ((&rest symbols) &body body)
(declare #.*normal*)
(let ((n (length symbols)))
`(multiple-value-bind ,symbols (make-gensyms ,n)
;;; map internal function
(defun next (node)
(declare (node node))
(the node (node-next node)))
(defun bit-reverse (n)
(declare (hashcode n))
(setf n (logior (ash (logand #x55555555 n) 1)
(ash (logand #xAAAAAAAA n) -1))
n (logior (ash (logand #x33333333 n) 2)
(ash (logand #xCCCCCCCC n) -2))
n (logior (ash (logand #x0F0F0F0F n) 4)
(ash (logand #xF0F0F0F0 n) -4)))
(logior (ash (logand n #x000000FF) 24)
(ash (logand n #x0000FF00) 8)
(ash (logand n #x00FF0000) -8)
(ash n -24)))
(defun lower-bits (width n)
(declare (hashcode n)
(hashcode-width width))
(ldb (byte width 0) n))
(defun hashcode-and-bucket-id (raw-hash bitlen)
(declare (positive-fixnum raw-hash)
(hashcode-width bitlen))
(let* ((h1 (lower-bits +HASHCODE_BITLEN+ raw-hash))
(h2 (bit-reverse h1)))
(values h2 ; key's hashcode
(lower-bits bitlen h1)))) ; bucket-id
(defun find-candidate (hash head)
(declare (hashcode hash))
(labels ((recur (pred cur)
(if (> hash (node-hash cur))
(recur cur (next cur))
(values pred cur))))
(recur (sentinel) head)))
(defun set-pred-next (pred-node buckets bucket-id &key next)
(declare (buckets buckets)
(positive-fixnum bucket-id)
(node pred-node next))
(if (sentinel? pred-node)
(setf (aref buckets bucket-id) next)
(setf (node-next pred-node) next)))
(defmacro find-node (key map &key test hash)
(gensym-let (hashcode bucket-id pred cur recur)
`(multiple-value-bind (,hashcode ,bucket-id)
(hashcode-and-bucket-id (,hash ,key) (map-bitlen ,map))
(declare (hashcode ,hashcode))
(multiple-value-bind (,pred ,cur)
(find-candidate ,hashcode (aref (map-buckets ,map) ,bucket-id))
(labels ((,recur (,pred ,cur)
(if (or (/= ,hashcode (node-hash ,cur))
(sentinel? ,cur))
(values nil ,cur ,pred ,bucket-id ,hashcode)
(if (,test ,key (node-key ,cur))
(values t ,cur ,pred ,bucket-id ,hashcode)
(,recur ,cur (next ,cur))))))
(,recur ,pred ,cur))))))
(defmacro each-bucket ((head-node bucket-id map &key start end return) &body body)
(gensym-let (buckets bucket-size)
`(with-slots ((,buckets buckets) (,bucket-size bucket-size)) (the map ,map)
(loop FOR ,bucket-id fixnum FROM ,(or start 0) BELOW ,(or end bucket-size)
FOR ,head-node = (aref ,buckets ,bucket-id)
UNLESS (sentinel? ,head-node)
(locally ,@body)
(return ,return)))))
(defun resize (map)
(with-slots (buckets bucket-size bitlen) (the map map)
(labels ((child (bucket) (dpb 1 (byte 1 bitlen) bucket))
(bucket-hash (id) (bit-reverse id))
(rehash-bucket (head parent &aux (child (child parent)))
(multiple-value-bind (pred succ)
(find-candidate (bucket-hash child) head)
(set-pred-next pred buckets parent :next (sentinel))
(setf (aref buckets child) succ))))
(declare (inline child rehash-bucket bucket-hash))
(let ((old-size bucket-size)
(new-size (the positive-fixnum (* 2 bucket-size))))
(update-size-and-borders map new-size)
(each-bucket (head bucket-id map :end old-size)
(rehash-bucket head bucket-id))
(incf bitlen)))))
(defun calc-border (size threshold)
(declare #.*muffle-note*
(positive-fixnum size)
(number threshold))
(ceiling (* size threshold)))
(defun update-size-and-borders (map new-size)
(declare (positive-fixnum new-size))
(with-slots (buckets bucket-size resize-border resize-threshold) (the map map)
(when (< bucket-size new-size)
(setf buckets (adjust-array buckets new-size :element-type 'bucket
:initial-element (sentinel))))
(setf resize-border (calc-border new-size resize-threshold)
bucket-size new-size)))
(defmacro gen-get-fn (&optional hash test)
(gensym-let (exists? node key map default)
`(lambda (,key ,map ,default)
(declare #.*fastest*)
(multiple-value-bind (,exists? ,node) (find-node ,key ,map :test ,test :hash ,hash)
(if ,exists?
(values (node-value ,node) t)
(values ,default nil))))))
(defmacro gen-set-fn (&optional hash test)
(gensym-let (exists? node pred bucket-id hashcode new-value key map)
`(lambda (,new-value ,key ,map)
(declare #.*fastest*)
(multiple-value-bind (,exists? ,node ,pred ,bucket-id ,hashcode)
(find-node ,key ,map :test ,test :hash ,hash)
(if ,exists?
(setf (node-value ,node) ,new-value)
(set-pred-next ,pred (map-buckets ,map) ,bucket-id
:next (make-node :key ,key :value ,new-value
:next ,node :hash ,hashcode))
(incf (map-count ,map))
(when (> (map-count ,map) (map-resize-border ,map))
(resize ,map))
(defmacro gen-rem-fn (&optional hash test)
(gensym-let (exists? node pred bucket-id key map)
`(lambda (,key ,map)
(declare #.*fastest*)
(multiple-value-bind (,exists? ,node ,pred ,bucket-id)
(find-node ,key ,map :test ,test :hash ,hash)
(when ,exists?
(set-pred-next ,pred (map-buckets ,map) ,bucket-id :next (next ,node))
(decf (map-count ,map))
;;; map external function
(defun make (&key (size 4) (test 'common-lisp:eql) (rehash-threshold 0.75))
(declare #.*interface*
((or symbol functor) test)
(positive-fixnum size)
(number rehash-threshold))
(declare #.*fastest*)
(let* ((bitlen (ceiling (log (max 2 size) 2)))
(bucket-size (expt 2 bitlen))
(buckets (make-array bucket-size :element-type 'bucket
:initial-element (sentinel))))
(make-map :bitlen bitlen
:resize-border (calc-border bucket-size rehash-threshold)
:resize-threshold rehash-threshold
:buckets buckets
:bucket-size bucket-size
:functor (get-test test)))))
(defun get (key map &optional default)
(declare #.*interface*)
(funcall (functor-get (map-functor map)) key map default))
(defun (setf get) (new-value key map)
(declare #.*interface*)
(funcall (functor-set (map-functor map)) new-value key map))
(defun remove (key map)
(declare #.*interface*)
(funcall (functor-rem (map-functor map)) key map))
(defmacro each ((key value map &optional return-form) &body body)
(gensym-let (id node head)
`(each-bucket (,head ,id ,map :return ,return-form)
(loop FOR ,node = ,head THEN (next ,node)
UNTIL (sentinel? ,node)
(let ((,key (node-key ,node))
(,value (node-value ,node)))
(defun map (fn map &aux acc)
(declare #.*interface*
(function fn))
(each (k v map (nreverse acc))
(push (funcall fn k v) acc)))
(defun clear (map)
(declare #.*interface*)
(declare #.*fastest*)
(with-slots (buckets bucket-size bitlen count
resize-border resize-threshold) (the map map)
(setf bucket-size 4
bitlen 2
count 0
resize-border (calc-border 4 resize-threshold))
(fill buckets (sentinel)))
(defun count (map)
(declare #.*interface*)
(map-count map))
(defun test-name (map)
(declare #.*interface*)
(functor-name (map-functor map)))
;;; test external & internal function
(defmacro generate-test (hash test &key (name :anonymous))
`(make-functor :name ,name
:set (gen-set-fn ,hash ,test)
:get (gen-get-fn ,hash ,test)
:rem (gen-rem-fn ,hash ,test)))
(defmacro define-test (name hash test)
`(progn (setf (gethash ',name *test-repository*)
(generate-test ,hash ,test :name ',name))
(defun undef-test (name)
(remhash name *test-repository*))
(defun find-test (name)
(values (gethash name *test-repository*)))
(defun get-test (x)
(if (typep x 'functor)
(or (find-test x)
(find-test 'common-lisp:eql))))
(declare #.*muffle-note*)
(define-test common-lisp:eq #+SBCL sb-impl::eq-hash #-SBCL sxhash eq)
(define-test common-lisp:eql #+SBCL sb-impl::eql-hash #-SBCL sxhash eql)
(define-test common-lisp:equal #+SBCL sb-impl::equal-hash #-SBCL sxhash equal)
(define-test common-lisp:equalp #+SBCL sb-impl::equalp-hash #-SBCL sxhash equalp))
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