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Visual prototype of the digital edition of manuscript Gloss on the Psalms by Peter Lombard.
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🧙 Peter Lombard, Magna Glossatura

Peter Lombard (born c. 1100, Novara, Lombardy — died 1160, Paris), bishop of Paris whose Four Books of Sentences (Sententiarum libri IV) was the standard theological text of the Middle Ages.

The manuscript Ii.3.24, University Library Cambridge, was written on parchment and is dated to the second half of the 12th century. Its place of origin is England. The main text consists of the Magna glossatura (ff. 1r-263v), a commentary on the biblical Psalms written by Peter Lombard in the 12th century.

🎁 Features

This project was developed with these possible features in mind:

  • Interactivity - The application should allow user to think about the layout and layers in manuscript and how they were added, read through the text and investigate the transcriptions of text and also compare it with the original manuscript.
  • Extensibility - we would like to allow user to add his own content by providing some basic markup guide.
  • Searchability - all commentaries should be searchable and therefore allow users to quickly navigate through them.
  • Less is more - We wanted to preserve most of the layout of manuscript, however as the age has changed we wanted to provide modern and clean interface that will be accessible to users of 21st century and bear the fact that now the form is not a manuscript, but a website.
  • Tool for teachers - the project should allow teachers to use it in class to demonstrate and show various features of medieval texts. We also kept in mind that some features would be usefull for scholars, for example the possibility of search in text and quick navigation through manuscript.

There are many other ideas of what we would like to implement and we are looking forward to further development of this project that hopefully allow us to implement at least part of the described features.

⚠️ Important information

This prototype is only fragment of the desired application and therefore many functions does not work as we would like to. This prototype was developed during #camdemm. A big thank you should be said to the organizers for making this possible!

A great warning to everyone who'd like to explore the code of application as it is messy. Self disclaimer: during the process I've lost track of stylesheets names and you might find duplicates or completely unused pieces of code.

💡 How to install

Clone or download the repository, run any php web server and you're good to go. However, if you want to make some changes in the app code, the front-end recompilation is required. Therefore run npm install to install required libraries and then npm run production to compile updated javascript files.

🕹️ How to use

Visit application in your favourite web-browser and follow tutorial!

📄 License

The manuscript images are © Cambridge University Library.

The code is distributed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

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