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fuzzy-completion for finding files
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fuzzy-find: fuzzy completion for finding files

ff searches a directory tree with basic fuzzy-completion. I wrote it because find -name "blah" only scans filenames (not their parent directories), and regular expressions for fuzzy completion are cumbersome.

Searching for "aeiou" will print any paths that match the RE .*a.*e.*i.*o.*u.*.

By default, ff searches recursively from the current directory, but its search root can be set with the -r option.

ff query strings are not regular expressions - characters such as '.' and '-' match literally. Any sections enclosed in '/'s will be required to match within the same path element, and the consecutive match character (default '=') toggles exact matching. (I chose '=' because it doesn't mean anything in basic REs and it's unshifted on most keyboards.)

See also: compound-completion


Just run make. I mean, it's one C file. The makefile is just ff: ff.c. Copy ff somewhere in your path.


ff aeiou matches both ~/and/the/first/one/used.txt and ~/after_the_furious_ultimatum.txt, because the characters 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', and 'u' appear sequentially.

ff a/e/i/o/u only matches ~/and/the/first/one/used.txt, since the /s force each vowel to appear in its own directory element.

ff ae=iou= would only match ~/after_the_furious_ultimatum.txt, since it matches an 'a', then an 'e', then the =s specify a consecutive "iou" string.


ff [-diltR] [-c char] [-n count] [-r root] query
-c CHAR   char to toggle Consecutive match (default: '=')
-d        show Dotfiles
-D        only show directories
-h        print this Help
-i        case-Insensitive search
-l        follow Links (warning: no cycle detection)
-t        run Tests and exit
-r ROOT   set search Root (default: .)
-R        don't recurse subdirectories

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Build Status

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