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C library to deterministically chunk byte streams with a rolling hash
C Lua
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Hashchop uses a rolling hash to deterministically break streams of raw data into bounded-size chunks. If two byte streams have mostly identical content, with only a few changed bytes in one spot, there is a high probability that the two chunk streams will quickly fall back in sync with each other -- most of the chunks will be identical, and can be shared. This chunking process is an excellent complement to persistent data structures.

Current status

It works, is fully tested, and benchmarks show that it is quite fast enough (e.g. ~450 MB/sec on my MacBook Air). I haven't configured things to make a proper static/dynamic library yet -- I am currently wrapping it in Lua and using it in another project (scatterbrain, a distributed filesystem), which will be on github eventually. Also, the tests could be factored out better.


$ make

This will make the test suite (test) and a simple benchmark (bench).

If you want to build this for use from Lua (the main use case, so far), use luarocks make $ROCKSPEC, or make lua.


Specify the average desired chunk size (as a power of 2), then repeatedly sink data into it and/or poll it for completed chunks until end-of-stream is reached. Call hashchop_finish to get the remaining chunk. More details are in the header file.

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