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Kona, an open-source implementation of Kx System's K3.2 language

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Kona wiki:

To compile (OS X/Linux/BSD/Cygwin):

make           #gmake on BSD

To start the interpreter


To start the interpreter with tests in debug mode


rlwrap makes the k command line interface much nicer. rlwrap adds history and eliminates the "^[[A^[[A^[[D^[[C^..." problem

rlwrap ./k

Kona is the open-source implementation of the K programming language. If you don't know APL, then this is the place to start. K is an ASCII-based APL. KDB (or Q) is the popular database software built on top of K. K was originally designed by Arthur Whitney and Kx Systems. Kona is unaffiliated with Kx. See the intro screencast: Screencast on MapReduce:

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